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Partner's Guide to Labour Mini-Course


This is a 1-hour pre-recorded webinar designed specifically for those who are going to be supporting the labouring person. The goal of this course is to provide relevant details about labour in a condensed version that is easily digestible and relevant to the labour support person. It can be completed whenever it is most convenient and is not a large time commitment. We cover things like: - What is labour? What does it look like for the labouring person? For the support person? - Practical tips based on the different phases of labour - Overview of common events e.g. Who comes and when? How is the person and baby monitored in labour? If planning a hospital birth, when would you go? What to expect at a home birth. - How can I advocate for my partner? Registration for the course includes a 1-page PDF labour reference sheet that you can have with you at the labour. This breaks down the different stages of labour and provides suggestions for coping techniques based the stage.

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