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Taking a childbirth education course can bridge the knowledge gaps that exist between these milestones. Knowledge is empowering. There are many ways to educate yourself in our information rich world. This course stands out from the free courses available because many of these courses are surface level. For some this is acceptable and others want to enhance their knowledge by seeking out information that is more in depth and unique to their needs or specific goals. Our courses are structured to provide comprehensive and interactive childbirth education. Led by a Registered Midwife, the information provided is reliable and relevant.

Pregnant female taking an online childbirth course

The transition from pregnancy to birth to postpartum can be overwhelming.

Join our Courses
Anytime, Anywhere.

Pregnant female taking an online childbirth course

Our courses are thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, offering a mix of self-paced online video content and opportunities for virtual meetings in a group setting. Once you register, the content will be instantly available to you!

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